Science or Art? Both!

Science and art are two completely different and separated fields, right? No! They have actually many things in common, like the necessity for passion and creativity. In case you are wondering why scientists need creativity: When they plan new projects and experiments or analyze data, they need to think out of the box to discover new things and advance science. I believe that the best and most innovative scientists are the most creative ones!

Apart from the things in common, science and art are also combinable!

Art projects, movies and theatres can be inspired by science. In most natural catastrophe movies there are scientists, who are mostly ignored in the beginning 😉 Or paintings can be inspired by geometric forms, by things in nature, or the environment itself. And more and more science and theatre projects are arising.

But also, the other way around, art can be used for and can inspire science communication. Illustrative and pretty figures, videos or infographics are eye-catching and can be very informative to communicate condensed and simplified scientific findings. There are no limits to creativity!

Here, I aim to illustrate in my way that science and art are perfectly combinable! It is a visualization of how I want this blog to be: Science, presented in a colorful way 🙂

Art and science combined


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