About me

Hello! My name is Jana, I love colors and I love science! My goal is to combine both 🙂

In this blog, I want to communicate science to everyone in an understandable and colorful way. I even want to include some little ‘art projects’, but don’t expect too much, I’m not an artist 😛 Also, I want to reflect a bit about the world of science to give some insights about us crazy scientists 😉

Portrait of Jana Tischer

I am a PhD student in the Environmental Sciences in Switzerland. Right now, I’m studying microbial processes in lakes. I am educated in the fields of biology, geology, chemistry and related fields like limnology (freshwater sciences) and soil sciences. In general, I have a broad interest in all topics regarding environmental basic research and human induced environmental problems.

Science communication becomes more and more important. A lot of research is done behind locked doors and is communicated only inside the scientific community, if at all. The public isn’t aware enough what scientists are doing and what use their research has. Another problem is that if science is communicated, it is often miscommunicated. Journalists tend to exaggerate, dramatize and misunderstand scientific findings or focus too much on one thing and ignore others. And once out in the media, it is impossible to take it back and false information are spread.

Here, I am trying to take my responsibility as a scientist to talk and inform about environmental research, in an understandable and illustrative way.

This blog is intended to be a platform where research, which would otherwise be limited to the scientific community, is communicated to everyone. I plan to give the necessary background knowledge of each topic and summarize all kinds of research using different tools so every reader can understand it.  For other scientists, who don’t want to read every long publication to stay informed, it is also a good way to save time and consume these simplified research studies. I also want to explain things about how it is to be a researcher.

Everyone is welcome to give me feedback about my blog. Also, if you are a scientist and would like me to help you communicate your science, feel free to contact me. And finally, suggestions for general topics you are interested in are always welcome as well.

Have fun! 🙂